Responsibilities of professional in mining engineering services

Mining engineering companies provide a different type of services and understand both technical as well as business issues related to project. The mining industry is developing innovative techniques to provide the flexible solutions to the clients. The mining companies perform following roles

  • Geological planning
  • Mine planning
  • Mine infrastructure
  • Plant selection
  • Tailings
  • Environmental management
  • Operational requirement of system

The mining companies make the perfect strategies to meet the requirement of the client and provide best possible mining engineering services to the customers.

Type of mining services

The types of services the mining companies provide are as follows

  • Exploration
  • Hydrological studies
  • Mine scheduling
  • Mine ventilation
  • Infrastructure design of mine
  • EPCM services
  • Mine management
  • Mine plant analysis
  • Coal quality assessment
  • Equipment selection and scoping

The specialized and professional mine engineers perform their duty efficiently. Each department has its own engineer with special training in the field. The mining engineer has following responsibilities

  • Assessment of techniques and plans
  • Do feasibility studies
  • Underground monitoring
  • Establishment of extraction system
  • preparation and scheduling of different plans
  • Checking of construction projects
  • Planning and scheduling of underground mining services
  • Filling of the disused mine shafts
  • Managing of monthly budgets
  • Working with other professionals to develop the software, construction plan, and mining operation systems.


Mining engineers perform their duties in all step of the project; they have involvement in planning, scheduling and then optimisation of the project. They also overlook the final closure, rehabilitation process, and management of mining production. They also play role in tunneling, minerals, quarrying and mining consultancy. They perform services by ensuring the environmental safety as well as the quality.

Other services

The expertise and experience professional in mining industry provide following other services

  • Optimization of production and equipment
  • Grade scheduling
  • Determination of equipment, material, and staff
  • Types of mining methods
  • Net present value pit optimization
  • Life of mine stockpile

The mining work is challenging, the companies hire such professionals that are determined and provide services efficiently. Usually, engineers have to face challenging situations in the field so it important to have experience in the field. They have to face poor weather conditions, strict rules, and different other conditions. They must ready to face all such type of situations to provide the best mining services that meet the demand of the client.